Welcome to our online gallery of exhibiting artists! The Jerome Artists' Cooperative is a vibrant community of fine artists and crafts people living and working in or near Jerome, Arizona. Each of our members maintains their own art blog/gallery page which can be visited by clicking the links below.


Ali Allah


I  am Ali Allah, born the second of seven children to Frederick  and Iris Adger, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am the proud father of  three adult children and a grandfather. I was educated and raised in the  City of Brotherly Love.

Chris & Sandy Boothe


Chris  and Sandy Boothe met in high school in Maryland in the late 1960’s. Two  and 1/2 years later, in 1970, they were married in Rock Creek Park, in  Washington, 

Suzen Brackell


They asked Suzen to design for them, but to their great disappointment, her reply was, "My clothes are just for me." 

Mary Burnham


My passion is to draw and paint. I have drawn as long as I can remember.   I have always been intrigued by faces, whether people or animals.Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Marjorie Claus


Marjorie was born with a love of horses. Stables and the outdoors were her playgrounds growing up in Cumberland, MD.

Sally Davidson


"I  use symbolic images from nature as objects of  dreaming and  contemplation. Hopefully my work becomes a refuge for the soul..."

Janet Farwell


As a child I was always fascinated by a mosaic ashtray my mother kept in  the basement.  It was many years before I decided to try making a  mosaic of my own.  I

Christy Fisher


I am a jeweler and art to wear designer who drove up the mountain on a fall day about 13 years ago. I knew I was home.

Flo Flynn


I am grateful that I can soak in all the beauty of the universe and that I am able to share my creations with others.  

Mark Foltz


Black  & white photography has been my passion since i first started  shooting (1971). By eliminating color, the image is removed one more  step from ‘reality,’ allowing the viewer fewer attachments and  expectations about what a scene ‘really’ looks like.    

Sarah Foster


Sarah Foster was born in Sedona, Arizona and from a very early age she was involved in music and theatre.

Marsha Foutz


Marsha’s interest in ceramics began during her art studies at Northern  Arizona University in nearby Flagstaff. Her inability to “throw” a pot  that weighed less than five pounds did not dampen her interest in  working in the “mud.”

Sid Freeman


After 25 years as a  professional calligrapher, I found myself competing with the computer.  This was not fun and slowly I worked back to my roots as a painter only  this time using those magical sound symbols which make up our speech.

Sarah Harms


Since 1979, I have  been using time honored, traditional metalsmithing techniques to create  my contemporary, yet earthy wearable art.

Judy Jaaskelainen


Judy Jaaskelainen resides in northern Arizona and is an Award Winning, Juried Member of Northern Arizona Watercolor Society.

Mary Jardine


The  tactile quality of fabric and fibers appeals to me. I use commercial,  hand-dyed or painted fabrics in my "Fabrications" which are either  framed without sewing or sewn as a quilted fabric collage.

Mike Koopsen


An artist's critical eye of what transforms scenes into art.
Perspective. Balance. Shapes. Light. Shadows. Texture. Mood.
All that excites the visual and emotional senses.

Birgitta Lapides


  I am an intuitive painter, one who paints entirely from imagination -  never from photos. For me, colors, textures and forms are the most  important elements in a painting, although I always feel inspired by the  beauty of the landscape around me.

Bernie Lopez


Lopez  displayed an interest in the natural world around him as he was growing  up. At an early age, he started sketching his observations and soon  discovered his passion to create art.

Mark Lucas


All of my work is lamp-worked glass which means that it is made using a  table mounted torch. I use different crushed and powdered glasses, clear  and colored rods, as well as silver and gold fuming.

Isabel Mathieson


With the love of glass art, my wish is that my creations will bring as  much joy to all those who use them as they do for me in creating them.”

Michele Naylor



A fearless color palette defines the work of Michele Cokl Naylor. She uses bold, vivid and seductive hues to prompt a reaction or to provoke a mood. Color, textures and unexpected patterns are the language she employs across a range of media. She makes hats, designs greeting cards, and works in mixed media.

Victoria Norton


Nature  is the inspiration for my artwork. I see my colors, textures, and  shapes in the environment around me. I like the contrast of the raw clay  with the smooth colors of the glazes. My goal is to make my ceramics  light in both weight and feeling.

Rex Peters


I design my work with simple lines, often inspired by classic shapes, to display the natural beauty of each piece of wood.

Fred Rienhardt


Fred  Reinhardt creates unique stained glass pieces using the copper foil  process. Incorporating an incredible array of specialized glass,  including dichroic, Fred's pieces capture light in a way that captivates  your senses.

Jim Rome


Over  the past 45 years Rome has mastered oil painting, etching, serigraphy  and lithography. His style has progressed from realism in the 1960's to  representationalism in the 70's and to symbolism in the 80's. Since then  he has explored the multi-dimensions of Platonic solids, combining  science, nature and spiritualism in his work.

Christine Ryback


One of these was making the concrete leaves that I show in the gallery today. They are cast from real leaves ,cured, then painted and sealed. Each one is unique, as nature provides the artistry. Some are combined with natural bark and pieces of wood to lend a sculptural aspect. Some are layered to create a 3D leaf.

Jim Todd


Jim  Todd began oil  painting at the young age of 10, under the instruction  of his father.  Jim studied commercial art in college, while pursuing  private  instruction in oils. He has exhibited his work in dozens of  shows and  galleries throughout the United States, and has received more  than fifty  awards.

Brice Wood


I  am more interested in the process of making pictures than in any  specific subject matter or technique. I think of my pictures as visual  explorations of reality."

Wanda Wood


I have  been painting for over 25 years, but it was not until seven years ago  when I took my first pastel workshop that I was immediately hooked on  this medium. Then came a pastel workshop on "sanded paper" and that was  it - the oil paints and brushes were put away